Logging in or out

Logging in:
  1. In the address line of your browser, type the name of your web server followed by the virtual directory name in the format http://<server>/<vdir>. For example: http://webserver1/MRM8.

For users of MRM pro SaaS, your address will be: http://netsimplicity.net/my company where ”r;my company” is given to you by NetSimplicity.

  1. The MRM Login screen appears.

Depending upon your user settings (MRM authentication or Windows authentication), you may be asked for a username and password in order to log into the MRM database.

In case of MRM authentication, passwords for all MRM users are stored in an encrypted format in order to provide better security and reduce attacks on MRM.

If you are the administrator logging into your database for the first time, use the username Admin with no password. Ensure that the security settings are set up before making your database live to users as shown in Security configuration.

The first time MRM is run with a new database, you are prompted to add a resource each time the grid loads until at least one resource has been added.

  1. On the Login screen:

  1. Click Login. You can now access MRM.

If you clear your browser’s cache, the saved usernames will also be deleted..

MRM appears in the browser window.

Logging out:

It is important that users logoff when finished using MRM. If they do not, their user licence is unavailable for others to use. Once you have reached the maximum amount of users, others cannot login and they will see a ”r;No Concurrent User Licenses Available” message when trying to. See Locked out and access denied users for more details.

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